Home Remedies for cleaning carpets

Distilled white vinegar works as an all natural stain cleaner on carpets.Distilled white vinegar works as a natural stain remover on carpets.

In spite of how clean you retain your house, old carpets gather spots and appearance dingy. Regular cleaning brightens the carpet and eliminates the stains. While many carpet cleaning service solutions and stain removers contain harsh chemical compounds and give off powerful odors, several common home services and products can cleanse your carpets efficiently. You are able to homemade cleaners odorless when you yourself have sensitivities to strong fragrances or increase natural fragrances for an additional clean scent. As an additional benefit, it can save you money by making your very own homemade carpet cleaning.

Sweep your carpet with a broom to lift the fibers and remove free dirt. Vacuum the entire carpet. (See References 2)

Mix one component borax with two components cornmeal in order to make a carpet powder that removes spots, prevents mildew development and deodorizes. Alternately, for carpets with hefty smells, usage cooking soft drink. (See References 1 and 2)

Sprinkle the mixture throughout the entire carpet. Await about one hour then vacuum the carpeting. This will remove odor, light spots and dirt that regular vacuuming misses. (See References 1 and 2)

Pre-treat any staying spots with an assortment of equal components vinegar and liquid. For tough stains on light-colored carpets, try a combination of lemon juice and sodium. Initially test any stain-removing combine, specially on darker carpets, in a hidden location, including a closet. (See Sources 1)

Scrub the stain using stain-removing mixture and enable it to stay for 15 minutes. Use a classic bath towel to dab up as much of this moisture that you can.

Lease a carpet-cleaning device if you do not have one. Use hot liquid to remove dirt and spots more effectively.

Fill the soap reservoir with an all-natural carpet cleaning service answer. By using your very own carpeting cleaner plus it does not void the warranty, you can make use of a normal laundry detergent in the place of carpeting solution. If you don't want to use any detergent, the hot-water alone will pull most of the built up grime.

Clean the entire carpeting once using the cleaner following maker's instructions. Operate the carpet cleaner across carpeting once more with just hot-water to wash any detergent residue. Make a 3rd pass without spraying any water or detergent to suck up as much dampness as possible.

Remain off the carpet until it dries completely. As soon as dried out, vacuum the carpet again to fluff the nap and take away the last of any detergent residues.

Things You Will Need

  • Broom
  • Vacuum
  • Borax
  • Cornmeal
  • Baking soda
  • Vinegar
  • Rug cleaning device
  • All-natural detergent


  • You'll lease carpet cleaning for the most part equipment and grocery stores.
  • Use the dry treatment frequently to help keep your carpeting fresh and clean.


  • Don't put something except a manufactured rug cleaning solution into accommodations device until you have authorization.
  • Borax is a toxin if swallowed and irritates the eyes. Ensure that is stays far from kids. Never let kiddies or pets in the region when you use borax. (See Recommendations 1)

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