Home made carpets

Home made carpets

Of course, I'm not a clean freak. Don’t misunderstand me. I like every thing becoming clean, neat, and tidy, but I am not one of those people who only likes to clean.

(On a part note, do those people truly in fact exist? For pleasure in scrubbing floors and commodes, I quickly think both you and I could come to be quick buddies, and I also would like to perhaps you have to my house!)

Although, I don’t find it particularly thrilling to clean the house, there are particular items that I like to do to allow it to be more fulfilling.

This do-it-yourself carpeting freshener is one of those things.

When I was recently married I would personally choose the powdered carpet freshener from the shop because we liked exactly how it made my house scent. For whatever reason, in addition it made vacuuming a lot more enjoyable! I’m weird like this. Small things like powdered carpet cleaning that smell good really can make my time!

It absolutely was a sad, unfortunate day when along my journey to more natural living, I knew that those carpeting fresheners from the shop were saturated in nasties! We reluctantly stopped purchasing all of them, and I missed that fresh, clean (and of course toxic) odor that the house constantly had after a new vacuuming.

Well, not any longer do i must miss that fresh, clean smell because i've found an approach to make a natural, much cheaper type of carpeting freshener myself!

It only takes two ingredients to produce. And as opposed to making your carpet and home filled with chemical substances, this carpeting freshener is in fact healthier for your home and can help beat dust mites, smell, and micro-organisms within carpet!


The cooking soft drink is a normal carpeting solution, and certainly will help pull any smells from your carpeting.

The essential essential oils will not only leave a wonderful aroma, but could also be helpful to clean your carpet besides.

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