Design: Faux Cowhide Rugs

DIY Faux Cowhide Rugs

lamp shade beforeWhile hauling things out from the basement when it comes to renovation, i ran across a torchiere lamp. I’ve made four piles while de-cluttering: salvage, offer, donate and toss. This lamp is within great performing condition, but it features water stains on lampshade, which qualifies it as perhaps not well worth trying to sell, a touch too damaged to give yet, however too-good to toss. Therefore, it has landed it the salvage pile.

During my pursuit to travel Route 66, with complete the purpose of earning it to the wilds regarding the western 1 day, I was thinking that just a little cowhide task was at purchase and may be just the ticket for covering up those staining.

Used to do some research and found a guide for a DIY faux cowhide rug from to lead the way.

The cowhide carpet guide was beneficial in figuring out how to create a cowhide appearance, but I'd to improve it up only a little making it run a lamp shade.

I utilized Mod Podge and tissue paper generate some surface and then painted from the cow spots, which takes a little training, but when you get the hang of it, it’s quite fun doing.

Making a Cowhide Lampshade


Lampshade this is the white or off-white*

White tissue paper ripped into pieces (recommended)

Mod Podge or any decoupage medium

Craft paint – a few colors of medium to brownish

Craft paint – white or off white

Craft paint – black

Round pouncing sponge or a bit of a foam sponge

Medium/Small art paint brush with company bristles

Craft foam brush

How to make a Faux Cowhide lamp shade-StowandTellU* you can make use of any color lampshade if you would like, but if it really is any shade besides white or off-white, be sure to color the tone entirely white such that it is opaque, versus translucent. (See step two)

Step one: this task is recommended, but i did so it because I like included texture whenever feasible. Skip to step 2 if preferred.

Rip pieces of white tissue paper thereby applying all of them towards the lampshade. Coat the exterior of the color first enabling over wait the sides regarding the shade.

Allow to dry for half-hour roughly, and decoupage the over dangling pieces toward within the lamp shade. Allow to dry.

Apply another level of tissue paper to your outside of the lamp shade, this time without more than hang and allow dry for around an hour or so or so.

Step 2: Mix a couple of dollops of white craft paint into a few of the Mod Podge thereby applying two coats on outside of the lampshade and enable it to dry for many hours. This mixture will keep your lamp shade translucent.

* Should your lamp shade just isn't white or off-white, or up would like to help make the lamp shade non-translucent, than supply the shade about 2 coats of white paint making it opaque and not see-thru.

Step 3: Draw a cowhide structure onto the tone with a pen. This only gave me a starting point for producing the spots. We loaded when you look at the remainder by attention.

Faux cowhide lampshadeIt may help at this point to pull up a picture of genuine cowhide, check out instances from and Pinterest, and there are plenty more all over the web.

Step 4: Pour a number of the brown colors into a tray, permitting the colors touch. When you start painting try to dab your pouncing sponge in to the center in which the brown colors all bleed collectively.

Note: we slashed a tiny square of foam sponge and snipped pieces off to make an unusual round design.

(it is in reality a bit of foam padding from a furniture project. They generate great sponge paint daubers, incidentally).

Action 5: Dab the pouncing sponge in to the paint and begin by filling in a spot on lamp shade. Allow the paint dried out for 15 – 20 moments.

Action 6: with the rigid bristled craft paint brush, fan the edges of place. This produces the appearance of cow fur.

Action 7:Continue to fill out all marked spots after which continue steadily to fan the edges as you get.

Action 8: complete even more places with brown, while continuing to consider real cowhide examples. It can help to maneuver from the top of tone down to the base, moving in a random direction aided by the brown, but leaving little areas of white occasionally. Let paint dry once complete.

Action 9: combine a couple of drops of black paint to the darker colors of brown.

Step 10: utilising the rigid bristled art paint brush, dab the black-brown paint into the brown to generate shading and depth. Continue carefully with this action until it looks like cowhide. Allow dried out entirely.

Step 11: Apply a coat of Mod Podge into entire outside of the lampshade, let dried out.

Unlike a cowhide carpet or seat, a lampshade typically allows light to move through the shade. If you keep the lampshade translucent, the lamp shade has a varying appearance at different occuring times for the time or night.

Genuine cowhide ranges in color from black colored to light brown or grey. The pattern of recognizing differs from bunches of little places to big blotches of solid color. In the event that you browse around the internet at examples of cowhide, there are plenty variants. I choose various examples that appealed for me and attempted to mimic them.

cowhide lampshade use tissue-paper to lamp shade remove spots with pencil ix a tray of browns pouncing sponge and brush

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