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homemade carpet stain cleanerLet myself let you in on a little key about myself (ok it’s not necessarily a secret…maybe a very badly-kept one!). I'm a naturally INTERESTED, IMPATIENT, AND OBSESSIVE person (which may clarify a great deal about my choice of a profession in television news), and I simply can’t read something similar to that and not give it a try myself, immediately!
So….instead of concluding the 101 things we still must do prior to my Christmas time Eve dinner party I was hosting in just a matter of hours….I happened to be sitting on the ground with my vapor metal, a container of ammonia and liquid and lots of white towels!

(Don’t ask about the carpeting color…it came with the home whenever we bought it. My most useful guess is that whenever builders of the home originally place the wall-to-wall berber carpet in…they were a smidge short and simply grabbed whatever had been for sale within the remnant division regarding the flooring store to complete up this cellar bedroom.)

All I'd to take had been the two lines written in that opinion above….but honestly…that’s all you have to understand. I loaded a clear spray container with 1 component ammonia & 1 component heated water, sprayed it LIBERALLY from the stain, set the clean white bath towel above it and started ironing away! Within actually SECONDS…this is what the WHITE towel appeared as if.

We continued the process possibly two even more times….and the stain was GONE. A stain that's been truth be told there for I don’t even remember the length of time! Gone! G O N E!

My 16 year old son had been helping me personally and he and I also were AMAZED! We could scarcely believe our eyes. It had been simple and fast and there wasn’t also any scrubbing involved. That would have ever before considered to make use of a steam metal and a towel to draw the stain up from the carpet? Well, most likely a number of you…but maybe not me! lol. Simply brilliant.

homemade carpeting stain cleanerThis smashing success spurred me personally on to tackle the FAR bigger stain in the same room. Another stain We have no clue just how long it's been there if not HOW it got here. And when again….success at escaping . MOST of the stain. Basically didn’t have a dinner celebration deadline pressing on me….i might have probably kept at it all night long….but I'd to “call the overall game” after about an hour because I became running out of the time to obtain everything done. But as you care able to see by THIS before and after…the miracle carpet cleanser had been undoubtedly working!

Simply look at the STACK of white towels we experienced before I labeled as it a night! That was a significant stain!

Since much of your spots will probably be more like 1st stain we showed you. I'm Above confident in saying……TRY IT!!! It truly is amazing material! Can’t hold off to try it on even more spots! :-)

homemade carpet stain cleaner homemade carpet stain cleaner homemade carpeting stain cleaner

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