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Rope Doormat DIY

I want to begin by saying that weaving your very own doormat is anything to do when you have a lot of time and an enthusiastic want to flex your DIY muscle tissue, to state absolutely nothing of your forearms.

The products necessary tend to be few–just some rope and a pair of gloves to guard arms. But making my own doormat did need a certain amount of stamina and a willing partner in criminal activity.

Read on for a materials number and step-by-step instructions:

Above: My finished line doormat. In an attempt to alleviate you through the procedure, I’ve provided step-by-step guidelines below using a clothesline to create an ocean plait knot in miniature. We strongly encourage you to definitely make a miniature version before wrestling because of the 1/2 inches diameter line shown right here. Obtain the hang of this attaching process first, before trying to pull 100 legs of rope through a knot. It’s a much friendlier method of the project.


  • Electrical tape
  • Outdoors gloves
  • Hot glue gun (optional)


Above: You’ll begin by attaching a straightforward knot at one end regarding the rope. I made a tail of approximately 4 legs to be safe. (once you assist the full size line, wrap both finishes associated with rope with electrical tape to keep all of them from fraying.)

Preceding: Loosen the knot until you see some sort of pretzel shape.

Preceding: Loosen each side of the pretzel to be able to form two oblong bights–the elegant knot-tying lingo to suggest the curved element of rope. How big is these bights would be about how big is your completed pad. When you begin to utilize the full-sized rope, make each bight about 2.5 feet long.

Above: Twist each bight as shown.

Above: Stack the 2 loops one over the other by taking the base loop upward, and drawing the most effective loop down seriously to cross-over underneath, as shown.

Above: Secure the knot by drawing the quick end associated with the rope up through knot as shown. The brief end associated with line will always be inside top right-hand position from here on.

Above: Position the lengthy period of line into the upper left-hand corner.

Preceding: Draw along rope straight back through the knot, saying the over/under pattern shown above.

Above: When making your design mat, make use of the palm of hand to put up the rope set up while you pull the rope although the knot. Once you create your full-sized version, we highly encourage luring someone into the task so that one of you can hold the knot in position, plus the other can pull the size of rope through. (I attempted this very first as a solo undertaking and finished up with a wonky mat that had to-be unknotted. If you were to think knotting 100 foot of rope is arduous, trust me when I state you will not like to unknot it.)

Above: The next loop completes the design. Loop your duration of line straight back around and weave it through again, along the original x to really make the final right-hand cycle, seen in procedure above.

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