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DIY Zebra rug

Whats Ur Home Story: faux zebra hide rugYou wish to know how I made the zebra carpet?

You’ll need:

  • a fabric drop cloth
  • Printed pictures of zebra hides that you could discover online
  • Pencil, scissors
  • Dark Brown or Ebony Acrylic paint
  • Fabric method
  • Acrylic sealer (optional)
  • Brushes
  • Carpet pad (recommended)
  • Needle and thread (to finish off the sides)
  • Plastic drop fabric or something like that else to avoid the paint from seeping onto your floor/carpet. I utilized loading blankets that I'd.

We utilized a 6 x 9 drop cloth from your home Depot. I have heard off their bloggers (whom performed drop cloth carpet projects) you cannot beat home Depot /Lowes high quality. Therefore make an effort to stick with those brands. As I prefer the brownish over a taupe appearance we used brown acrylic craft paint (Craft wise espresso) right throughout the fall to help make a drop fabric rug if you want the monochrome look then you will must very first paint the drop fabric white and employ black paint for the stripes.

How to Make A Rug From a Drop Cloth Tutorial

  • Fold the drop cloth regarding straight. Measure and cut the fall cloth to size. I needed at the very least a 4 x6 carpet and so I take off a 5x 8 area.
  • Draw the overview from the drop fabric making use of the zebra hide pictures as a research.
  • Keep an inch or two of trim allowance and cut-out your shape.
  • Now using your imprinted picture as a guideline draw the stripes utilizing the pencil.
how which will make a zebra hide rug
  • Hurray the toughest part of the task is finished! Today the enjoyment begins, painting. Blend your acrylic paint and material medium in a 2:1 ratio (additional information in this article) and decorate away. I tried utilizing a foam brush but unearthed that using a frequent singer brush gave me even more control. If you spill-over the lines or drop some paint then you can certainly adjust your stripes correctly. It is possible to return back and protect any irregular spots. This is certainly such a forgiving pattern.
  • The following is another development shot. Kindly ignor the fool around the carpet. Simply keeping it genuine, the children were playing while I happened to be slogging away. 🙂
  • When you are done painting you’ll get this. By the way it took myself might 4hrs over a period of two weeks. I simply labored on it once I had time.
  • A closeup associated with the stripes because dries;
  • Once the paint is dried out adhere your textile method directions as well as heat set the paint. If you are planning to make use of the rug in a not very hefty traffic area or an area which does not get much child punishment I quickly would recommend skipping the next step, closing. In line with the fabric medium instructions, the paint is washable at this stage. So any small spills/stains may be okay. But I cannot guarantee your paint will likely not fade with frequent washings if it's not sealed.
  • To secure, I utilized a a polycrylic water based sealer (Minwax clear satin finish). I did not utilize an oil based sealer because I’ve heard someplace that oil based ‘things’ might boost the possibility of a fire in dryer. So, simply want to be in the less dangerous part. I applied a light coating with a foam brush. Once I began applying I pointed out that the sealer dulled my paint color a little bit, that we didn’t like. This was the cause of performing a light coat vs. a dense coat with a roller.
faux zebra carpet tutorial diy zebra rug tutorial diy zebra floor cloth drop fabric zebra rug

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