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DIY Sisal rug

Jute Rug GuideToday you guys are becoming the first look at the living room inside our new house. Really at the least a small the main space. I am aware, I know…this has been a long time coming. It’s just that I’ve already been focusing my interest from the master suite, the restrooms, and then your kitchen, which space has actuallyn’t obtained hardly much love. But I’m thrilled to state that it’s eventually obtaining interest it deserves. And also the very first thing from the listing? A new carpet!

Right away, I knew i desired to go with an all natural fiber carpet within space. I’m a huge fan of those rugs because they’re frequently durable, affordable, and simple. This makes them a normal complement high-traffic places in the home. Plus, I adore the look of them. They provide a beachy/casual vibe, that allows me to make bolder choices with regards to accessories and knick-knacks. Therefore from time 1, we understood that a natural dietary fiber carpet was right for this room.

The only real issue? Which all-natural fiber carpet to decide on.

I did plenty of research, and read tons of online reviews before I made my decision. And I figured i will share all that newfound knowledge to you. Therefore if you’re searching for a natural fiber carpet, right here’s my own small guide when it comes to purchasing.

What's a Natural Fiber Rug?

studio-mcgee-jute-rug copyNatural fibre rugs are woven from materials extracted from plants. They’re frequently durable, affordable, and simple. 3 of the most popular natural fibre rugs tend to be jute, seagrass, and sisal. Here’s the difference between each one.


  • Professionals: Smooth Texture. Good for bed rooms or medium-traffic areas. Least expensive option.
  • Cons: Least durable and can unravel in places.

Image via Studio Mcgee

I’m a big lover of jute rugs, while having one in our kitchen and also at our back-door. They’re only therefore darn budget-friendly. Therefore if we pour upon it or it gets some wear and tear, we can replace it without feeling like we threw our cash out of the window. Plus, I adore the texture it may increase a place. Unlike sisal & seagrass, jute rugs aren’t always “bound” from the sides. This means you'll have an alternative look or form, like ones with shaggy edges or loops regarding end.


  • Professionals: Sturdy. Has on a clean & brilliant appearance.
  • Disadvantages: Can stain effortlessly. May be slightly slippery, therefore seriously a “no-no” on stairways.

studio-mcgee-jute copyImage via

Sisal rugs are another awesome choice. Actually, the carpet in our apartment was sisal and now we definitely adored it. The actual only real bad component may be the tarnish element. They say even water-can leave a stain on a sisal carpet. To ensure that’s positively something to consider if you’re looking around.


  • Professionals: Stain resistant and sturdy. Repels liquid. Perfect for high-traffic areas.
  • Disadvantages: Coarse texture, so not very smooth underfoot.

Image via Image via Thistlewood Farms

Last but not least, there’s seagrass. I must say I love the look of seagrass, specially when it’s a rug with a beige/tan border. And the fact that it's therefore incredibly durable is a massive plus in my playbook. Particularly when purchasing a rug for the main room. However the coarse texture isn’t for everyone. You certainly wouldn’t like to curl up and take a nap on a seagrass carpet. But’s an awesome alternative if you like to layer rugs. Putting an inferior plush carpet atop a seagrass will be recommended for a bedroom or family area.

So which performed I go with?

We moved with a SEAGRASS RUG.

As this area can be so darn huge, we went with a 9×12 rug from Wayfair. It’s huuuuuge, but truly tends to make that whole region of the room more cohesive and place together. Yes its a coarse texture, but it really seems nice underfoot. Like just a little scratchy foot therapeutic massage…

I’m so pleased we moved with this rug, and I’m anticipating countless years of deterioration about this bad boy. Bring about the spills & crowds of people!

Sisal Rug Guide sisal-rug-bhg thistlewood-farms-seagrass-rug Thistlewood Farms

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