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DIY Moroccan rug

Black-Rug-in-BedroomSometimes it can take a number of years to enhance a room. I am talking about like a very lengthy time…like i really could have sprang completely an infant since the last time We even thought about enhancing our master suite (sorry to frighten you Finn, #nobabyhere)

Yep, I haven’t also seriously considered enhancing our master suite since we moved in final October. But this area is officially back back at my radar, and I’m beginning the floor up…literally.

We’ve had this black rug for a pretty long time now. We bought it for sale in the past whenever we used to live in Wisconsin. It went with some pretty god-awful black colored and green bedding we accustomed own, and I also remember loving this carpet at that time. Since then we’ve worked to transform our master bedroom into a more calm oasis, which involved making every little thing a great deal lighter and better.

Black-Area-RugBut this black rug was still hanging around, and I was itching to ditch it.

The black rug is not extremely comfortable and it also showed every speck of soil, dirt, and hair. As a blondie a black rug is not the best concept. I could occasionally be a shedder, and no one wants to see lengthy blonde hairs all-around their particular flooring. We knew black must go, and one a lot less heavy and comfier would change it.

For quite a while, I had my attention on a particular Moroccan shag carpet. If you’re a weblog audience or into decor in your home whatsoever…then you probably know the one I’m talking about. Cream-colored, shag, and a navy/black/gray diamond pattern all-over it. There are lots of variations sold with this particular look, but West Elm probably offers the most famous one.

West Elm Rug

I'm like I’ve seen numerous spaces with a rug like this one, and I’m perhaps not surprised…because it is gorgeous! But, we knew i needed some thing a little bit various. I wanted to keep the comfortable appearance, plus the light colors, but used to don’t wish to only venture out and buy the exact same carpet as everybody else. That’s when I saw this rug on line…

I found this Keno Moroccan Shag Rug on Rugs American also it felt definitely perfect for the room. The gray detailing, the interesting structure, the comfortable material…I was sold.Rugs-USA-Rug With two sizes available (5×7 and 8×10) I had to select the smaller regarding the two. Used to do wish a larger rug for room (the black colored one had been a little too dinky), but unfortunately the 8×10 would have been like wall to wall flooring when you look at the bedroom. Thus I selected the 5×7 for room.

Used to do need to wait 2-3 weeks as the rug had beenn’t in stock, but when it arrived I knew I became already crazy.

It’s therefore extremely soft and plush. I’m speaking curl-up-in-a-ball-and-take-a-nap comfortable. In fact, Finn also stated he desired we're able to pick it up and put it on settee per Sunday so he could have a deluxe snooze within the family room. Perhaps not gonna happen…but does sound quite wonderful.

The colors work very well when you look at the bedroom, plus it’s currently plenty brighter inside. Our “calming, calm oasis” theme has become coming alongside the addition for this rug.

Since the carpet is within truth be told there, I’m determined to make it to focus on the rest of the space. I’ve got my attention on a headboard, after which it is time to find something spectacular to hang above the bed. Until after that, you may find me curled up in a ball napping away to my brand new shag carpet. Maybe it's time for you to DIY a “Do perhaps not Disturb” sign for the home.

At $266 it had beenn’t a poor price…but fully grasp this,  it had been 60percent off. Indeed 60%! Therefore I wound up having to pay an impressive $107 the carpet. Seriously,  just what a bargain! I highly recommend waiting around for a sale on Rugs United States Of America because it may seem like they’re frequent. Feet-on-rug Shag-Rug Nighstand-Rug

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