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DIY Dressing Room

You know how there are a few things that you might want simply because childhood-you would love all of them. This is certainly those types of. I've USUALLY wished a dressing area mirror that lights up. Constantly. Whenever I realized how uber cool my space was I understood we needed to make this fantasy be realized, but after a fast yahoo i ran across that they're both uncommon and huge high priced. I lay out on a DIY goal! If at all possible i might purchased those festoon lights but for some explanation they're also ridiculously pricey in the united kingdom so had to make personal using clear baubles. I do believe they ended up quite fab though, and they are making my morning program a whole lot more glamorous.

You will need:
A mirror
Foamcore board
Black gluey straight back vinyl
A glue weapon
An xacto blade
A ruler and pen
Fairy lights
Clear baubles; you will get some fab ones right here on amazon.
Strong masking tape.

1. Very first fix your mirror into the wall or your unit. You will need to determine all over side of your mirror- these dimensions will be the interior dimension for the frame.
2. Cut right out the pieces for your framework. The main framework sides need 45 level perspectives to get in touch to each other as well as the shorter edges must be the size of the measurements of mirror. Additionally, you will require some rectangular edging bits which will make your frame more 3d.
3. To glue your framework collectively, keep the angles together then add a strip of glue gun glue on the wrong side of the frame.
4. Do that both for perspectives of your framework.
5. Mark-on for which you want your bulbs to go and cut out a circle.
6. Line-up your side pieces.
7. Glue your sides on making use of the glue firearm.
8. Today add your vinyl plastic.
9. Using your xacto knife cut a gap in your vinyl.
10. Fold the plastic inside if there is some excess to go out of a nice finish.
11. Today it's time for you to add your baubles. Before I added my baubles we sprayed them with this squirt to make them good and opaque. Then I place them in to the hole and added a tonne of glue firearm glue throughout the opening to carry all of them in.
12. It should look like this whenever you’re all done!
13. Now thread your fairy lights over the back for the frame placing a fairy light in each bauble.

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