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DIY carpet stairs

I put in one brad every 2-3″ over the width regarding the stair tread. The rug pads assisted the runner stay in put on the riser together with the top of tread, where there were no brads. Once I surely got to the end of my runner, I trimmed from the rolled advantage.

With no rolled edge, it’s easier to layer the beginning of a fresh runner at the top more seamlessly.

Then you definitely simply line-up the rolled side of another runner and basic in position.

I’ll acknowledge, i obtained some careless whenever I had been achieving this task and I also ended up beingn’t super-duper exact with my lines. From the surface of the stairs, you can observe the stipes wander slightly nearby the center. :( it is not too bad directly, but in this photo, we basically need grab all the brads to the middle part and fix it this 2nd. We’ll observe how long it’ll final crooked I guess. Learn from my blunder! Measure your edges. Mark it with chalk perhaps making it some simpler on your self?

Anyhow, the 4th runner was somewhat quick. I really could have purchased a 5th runner and cut it up for only this base riser, but I made a decision We kind of liked the runner beginning slightly higher from the floor. I’m calling it a happy mistake. :)

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