Old-Fashioned Braided Rug

How to make no sewing Braided rugs?

The main advantageous assets to a braided advantage on a fleece covers tend to be:
  • The edge looks quite elegant.
  • There are not any uncomfortable knots to lay-on.
  • Less fleece is lost into the perimeter, so you get a more impressive blanket

For every blanket, I started out with 2 bits of fleece that have been each 1 1/2 yards. (Fleece usually comes 60 ins broad from the bolt from fabric shop.) We layered all of them together with each other utilizing the sides out that i desired to show.

However trimmed from the salvages (the component regarding the edges for the textile using printing/weird advantage.)
Edited to incorporate: I neglected to say you'll want to reduce a 2'' square regarding each corner. (This would additionally happen naturally as you cut your edge. This image is from doing this for one layered blanket, although procedure is the same for a double layered one.
My personal favorite method to mark the edge is using painter's masking tape (available at any hardware shop). Whether I'm cutting the edge with scissors or a rotary cutter, the firmness of the tape assists the scissors stop and keeps the perimeter also. The artist's tape normally not to gluey and comes off effortlessly. I tried cutting the edge 2 inches deep and 1 1/2 inches deep. They both work nicely, but I prefer the 1 1/2 inches.
While using the rotary cutter, i take advantage of the lines in the mat. Now I didn't need pull the mat and rotary cutter-out, thus I only set my quilting ruler above the tape and utilized that for helpful information to help me slice the fringe 1 inch-wide.
After the edge is cut, we folded each edge slightly nearer to the conclusion than half-way, and so I could cut a slit. Used to do this through both layer at a time.
It should be about that size.
Now you're prepared for the enjoyable part. You can begin anywhere, but I like to come from the midst of the edges. Pick a fringe first of all. I utilized a bent paperclip. A crochet hook will continue to work great too...i simply don't have one which's big enough. Stick the paperclip through slit of the first fringe.
Today stick the paperclip through the slit for the fringe underneath...
So that it "hooks" the second edge and you may pull it through the first edge.
Once you've drawn it-all how through, your paperclip (or crochet hook) should currently be through the slit of the second fringe, while move on to the second edge at the top. Place the your paperclip through after that slit to hook another edge. I moved from to left back at my blanket, but if you are left handed, it may be better to work remaining to right.
The main thing is to USUALLY alternate between using a perimeter on top and an edge from bottom. Pretty soon it's going to begin looking like this.
When you get into the corners, you simply hold performing the same. It will probably normally curve around the corner.
Before you know it, you're going to be entirely around your blanket and be left with final edge that you have drawn through the perimeter before it. Here you'll want to cut the fringe by 50 percent, although slit, which means you've got two thin fringes.
And use all of them to link a knot around the very first fringe. Be sure to do about a double knot...triple if the fringe is long enough. That'll be the only knot in your whole blanket.

And that's it! The appearance of your braid will be different with respect to the textiles you've chosen...and will even differ on a single blanket, if you've opted for a print.

Click on a graphic to see a larger version.
Whether you desire just one layer or two fold level fleece blanket will depend on exactly how hot you desire the blanket and the look you are going for. I made the decision to help make dual level blankets this season since the contrast in patterns and colors is enjoyable, and they'll be likely to children which sometimes have actually a difficult time remaining warm through the night. Dual layer blankets are ideal for outdoor uses, like arena blankets and such. For my own young ones, I really favor single-layer fleece covers because the dual level covers can actually be too hot.

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