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How to Braided a Rug instructions?

IMG_2337Looking for a great solution to consume some extra textile or some old clothing which you have actually lying around? Or maybe you simply need something in order to make your floors only a little cozier. Regardless a braided rug could be the perfect alternative. it is very easy to make, and you may select dimensions, color, and shape to perfectly fit your area.

This particular braided carpet is manufactured out of 4 strips of textile being woven together repeatedly until they form one constant braid. The carpet starts with a single braid that your keep contributing to, working your way through the center regarding the rug aside.

IMG_2358To find out how I make a braided carpet you should check completely my movie, or proceed with the thorough directions We have written below.

* Shameless connect: My brother, Jameson White, not just helped myself by modifying this video clip, but he in addition typed, performed, and produced the backdrop songs. If you’d like to discover his various other music on ITunes you'll head to:

What you will really need:

IMG_2361You can use any fabric one happens having, including old sheets or clothing. I make use of numerous colors, but I make an effort to make sure all of the material is the same body weight, meaning We don’t usage products like denim and cotton together. Not merely would they wear-out in a different way, nevertheless they would also braid in a different way making it difficult to preserve a level stress for the rug.

a sewing-machine may also work, but I discover a needle-and-thread simpler.

  • A pair of scissors
  • A ruler: Optional, however it will make cutting your material into equal strips easier
  • a safety-pin: Optional

Step 1: reduce your textile
To begin making a carpet you need to select textile you need to produce the center of one's rug first, because you are going to be working from middle out. I typically choose just 2 different colors the center of my rug, however in this tutorial i'm using 4.

For this with 4 various colors, slashed 1 strip of each shade this is certainly about 2-3 ins (5-7 cm) large and 24 ins (62 cm) very long.IMG_2377 This is where your ruler will come in useful. These measurements are all approximations of the thing I prefer to utilize. The best thing about braiding a rug is that you get to select what dimensions perform best for you personally, so if you discover that you desire your strips wider or narrower that is perfectly appropriate.

After you have your strips, sew two of them collectively and then sew one other two strips collectively to produce 2 lengthy bits of material.

If you were carrying this out with only 2 colors you'd just cut one strip of each shade that's around 2-3 (5-7 cm) ins large and about 48 inches (122 cm) long, or whatever size you see works for you.

IMG_2380 IMG_2381 IMG_2390 IMG_2391

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