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Instructional Video

Instruction Video or DVD: Steps To Make the Oval Rug

This two-hour video clip shows Helen making oval, circular, and rectangle rugs and certainly will assist you in making your very own heirlooms. She additionally describes practical tips develop circular or oval baskets. These have actually two different handles; the larger ones have two small manages regarding the ends additionally the smaller ones get one long handle. Follow along side her in "The Grange Studio" through all of the tips of braided rug creating but fun doing this.

Instruction BookPrice: .00

Rug Braiding Instruction Booklet

This eight web page Oval Rug Braiding Instruction booklet ended up being written to accompany a system for an oval rug. It offers you step by step guidelines on making the oval carpet right away into end at the end. If you are contemplating the kit in order to make one of the rugs pictured under RUGS on the webpage, pick the rug that you choose, and contact us to own one composed for you. The kit includes the pieces of wool with row markers letting you know which rows to utilize which colors, the lacing twine, needle, clamp, and the instruction booklet.Lacing Needle the buying price of this kit is 5.

Cost: $1.00

Wool Rug Lacing Needle

This blunt needle has actually two holes for receiving the waxed lacing twine. It's made by the Braid-Aid Company and offered to you to be used with the waxed twine. By using this blunt needle, you'll lace amongst the loops without piercing the material.

Cost: .00

Twine Holder

Twine HolderWooden twine holder that holds the carpet lacing twine so your roll doesn't wander off on the list of textile pieces in your work space. The spool of twine suits over a wooden post, and a little steel peg eliminates extra wax from lacing needle's attention.

Needles & Twine not included.

Price: $15.00

Wood Clamp

After much idea, and a lot of money for engineers to create a clamp that keeps the braid it is in addition inexpensive, we came up with this simple design. The material C-clamp that holds it toward work table is certainly not included, you could buy one at your hardware shop. They arrive with various sized openings, therefore assess the top of one's work table and include the 3/4 inches associated with wood base. A 3 inch opening is usually broad sufficient. Clamp the wooden base into the table aided by the clothespin dealing with left and place your braid in to the teeth associated with the clothespin.

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