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Braided circle rugs

Our rugs were discussed in various publications over time. Below is a partial number.

Courtesy Veranda Magazine.
Photo by Ron Blunt.
February 2009 Veranda, pp. 126-137, “Range of colors, ” Elizabeth Gaynor. Deep primary colors are used in lot of braided and hooked and braided rugs throughout an attractive Idaho mountain wood home.

Picture thanks to Hamptons
Cottages & Gardens
August 15-31, 2008 Hamptons Cottages and Gardens, pp. 76-81, “Canvassing your house, ” Sophie Donelson. A contemporary 2-color round rug graces the dining area flooring of a Hamptons residence.

Hamptons Cottages & Gardens ProtectJune 2008 Veranda, pp. 200-213, “Whimsy by the water, ” Elizabeth Gaynor. A lively pastel braided stair runner in
a Cape Cod home.

Photo courtesy of
House Gorgeous.
May 2007 House Striking, Kitchen Issue, pp. 96-105, “Colorful Rooms…Colorful Kitchens, ” Christopher Petkanas. Multi-oval and circular family area braided rug in chocolate, chartreuse and turquoise.

March 2007 Architectural Process. Die Schonsten Hauser Der Welt, pp. 162-169, “Schrage Klassik, ” Pilar Viladas.
Our very first braided carpet in an international publication. Same apartment as Summer 18, 2006 ny instances
Mag article (see below).

Picture thanks to
Typical Residence.
November 2006 Typical Home, pp. 204-211, “The Surprise In, ” Mitchell Owens. A folky, multi-circle carpet in vivid colors addresses the ground of a breakfast room in a Boston-area residence.
braided and hooked and braided rugs in spectacular space configurations. multi-square braided carpet in a gentlemen’s apartment in Manhattan. In colors of blue in an exceedingly contemporary home on Long Island.

Summer 2004 Country Decorating Some Ideas, pp. 48-52, “The Blend Helps It Be Delightful, ” Risa Palazzo. A 17-foot
brightly-colored living area braided rug in a 19th century residence on Cape Cod.

hooked and braided carpet in a Massachusetts home. Barreneche. Colorful hooked and braided and braided rugs in an attractive mountain log home. Lorrie Baird. Interesting article from the history and functions of nation Braid House, in a household room in Old Greenwich Village. 50’s colors of aqua and lime. braided rugs, including a curved stair runner, in a beachfront cottage on longer Island. living area braided rug in Palm seashore. colored braided rugs in a Connecticut home.

Photo courtesy of
Conventional Residence.
Holiday 2001 Typical Home, pp.92-101, “Rocky Mountain High, ” Candace Ord Manroe. Ski residence in Colorado filled up with radiant braided rugs.
multi-circle braided rug in Miami Beach. braided rug inside living room of a shingle design house in Stockbridge, Massachusetts. in an English country-style home. carpet in turquoise, lime, lime, yellow and white. colored multi-circle living room rug, and curved braided stair runner. runner in a pleasant nation residence in Connecticut. the foyer that ended up being residence to perhaps the world’s biggest braided rug: 10’ x 54’. In addition an elegant
hooked and braided carpet predicated on blue and white delft tiles. runner in a lengthy Island house. hitting rectangular braided carpet within the living room. blue and white braided carpet into the master bedroom overlooking Central Park. 3-circle braided carpet into the living room and a normal oval braided rug inside dining area of a
rambling Connecticut residence. in a rustic Irish cottage.

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